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The Great Wealth Transfer

Here's a pretty overwhelming stat to consider - many estimates show that the Baby Boomer generation holds approximately 57% of all the wealth and assets within the United States. By contrast, their children (typically categorized as Gen X and Millennials) hold roughly 3%.

As the Baby Boomers continue to age, our country is entering into a period that will see the greatest transfer of wealth that we have ever seen. With that being said, it may be more important than ever that the conversations around these life-changing situations are happening within your family. We would invite you to check out the recent article we published in our Wealth Today magazine that highlights the implications of this gradual event (hint: click that little square in the bottom right to go full screen).

While you flip through the pages below, we would encourage you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What role do I play in this? Are you a Baby Boomer that's already retired or plan to be soon? Are you a Gen X'er or Millennial with Baby Boomer parents?

2. Am I informed? What conversations do you need to have with your children? Or what questions do you need to ask your parents to understand how to navigate through the years that lie ahead?

3. What's my plan? The most effective plans are those that are devised before they are needed. Many life events are unexpected but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared.

If you're unsure of the answers to any of these questions, we would love to help you. We do what we do every day because we care about people. We're not here to write your story, we're just here to help you answer the questions you have along the way.

Your actions today impact your family tomorrow. What does your family's tomorrow look like?