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We walk with others, guiding them to peace of mind and confidence.

Money doesn’t come with instructions and we want people to be able to focus on what they care about most.

Let's start with this - what even is a mission statement? Great question. The answer probably varies depending on who you ask. But since you're here reading this on our website, we'll give you our take.

We feel that a living, breathing, genuine mission statement answers two questions:

1. What do we do?

2. Why do we do it?

At Dodds Wealth Advisors, we use our mission statement for a couple purposes. The first one is that it provides us with a compass to know the direction that we should be heading in as a company. If the actions that are taking place don't align with our mission statement, then we know we need to reorient ourselves and get things headed back in the right direction. One of the other primary reasons we have such an intentional mission statement is that it provides our team with motivation, fuel and meaning as to why we come to work.

At the end of the day, we're here because we care about people. We want people to have peace of mind and be able to put their energy towards the things that they care about more than anything else. For most people, that is their family. This mission statement simply puts a name to what we do and why we do it.

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