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March 17, 1952 - October 10, 2021

Pat began his journey in finance in 1975 with a small insurance company based in Florida, known as American Bankers Life Insurance Company. As time progressed, he found he really enjoyed helping people make good decisions for their financial well-being. Mr. Jack Walsh was the marketing leader and innovator with American Bankers who approached Pat about joining his team in 1979 to form a new financial planning services company. Pat said of this decision, “It was an easy one to make because Mr. Walsh was a genius in marketing, and I could tell his leadership and vision were right on track with what the industry was doing.” This one decision was the catalyst that brought Dodds Wealth Advisors to become one of the leading financial planning companies in the area today.

Pat approached life with integrity and maintained the highest standard of ethics. He always enjoyed providing his clients with advice and direction, even if wasn't about their portfolio. He knew that money was simply a means to an end and what he truly strived to deliver was peace of mind and confidence. He was as dedicated as they come to ensuring his clients had clarity around their financial future, so they could really focus on the things that brought them the most joy in life. 

Our Process

Pat pictured in the early days of his financial planning career.

Our History

Pat with three of his children on his Kawasaki.

Our Values

Sharon and Pat enjoyed 50 wonderful years of marriage together.

Pat received numerous awards and accolades throughout his life. They were all a great honor to him but there were two that really meant the most to him. In July 2013, he was awarded The John P. Walsh Legend Award, given in recognition of Pat’s unwavering determination to the expansion of the financial planning industry, his dedication to the elevation of the profession and his commitment to the help and support of his peers. 

The second one was the Legend Award he received in 2003. This one recognized his lifetime achievements, his boundless energy and willingness to help and share with others and his superb character. He was the personification of integrity loyalty and dedication.

Our Process

John P. Walsh Award

Our History

Legend Award

Pat built a business based on integrity, a high level of commitment and fairness for all. He then passed along the importance of those values to his family and team currently in place.  He was always so proud to have his family join him in the business over the past two decades. 

In addition to the successful business he built in Dodds Wealth Advisors, Pat also had the honor to serve as a Regional Director for Money Concepts. In this role, he would spend time recruiting financial advisors for new branches around the state of Ohio. Pat always loved that Money Concepts is an independent broker and held that as a major asset for those considering financial planning as a career.

In his free time Pat loved spending time with his growing family. He and his wife (and high school sweetheart) Sharon were married for 50 wonderful years. They had 8 adult children and 18 grandchildren (and counting). Additionally, Pat was an instrument-rated pilot and enjoyed going camping. He loved supporting his local community as well as his local church family.

There is little doubt that Dodds Wealth Advisors could never have built the relationships we have in our community if it weren't for Pat Dodds. And while he may have started as a financial planner, he also morphed into a leader that empowered others. Over the last few years of his life, Pat made an intentional choice to be less involved in the day-to-day operations of our business. Instead, Pat’s focus had shifted to building the best team he possibly could – one that would not merely function but, rather, flourish whether he was at the controls or not. It is because of his foresight and intentionality that we will be able to continue delivering the same care, service and experience that his clients grew to expect from him when he began this company back in 1979.

"If you look back at the beginning of any good thing, you will find a great leader."