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Our Clients

We serve a wide range of clients – individuals, families and business owners, giving them CONFIDENCE and CLARITY about their financial future. 

As you might expect, given our locations in Ohio and Florida, we serve a lot of baby boomers facing retirement. These are down-to-earth, hardworking people.

Many of them in Ohio have worked 30 or more years making cars at the Honda plant, or they’ve devoted themselves to another blue-collar job. In Florida, the story is very similar. Our clients have worked hard for their money and to achieve some security in life – and they don’t want to lose it in retirement. 

We also serve young families and working professionals with a strong desire to accumulate wealth and protect their loved ones. 

Because we’re a family business with a strong family atmosphere, we like to think of our clients as being a part of our extended family. So we take great care to get to know all of our clients and to provide custom plans tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.