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Patrick Dodds II

Patrick Dodds II

Wealth Advisor

Patrick enjoys helping individuals and families commit to a good financial plan with a comprehensive approach to wealth planning.  He is detail-oriented which stems from his background as a civil engineer and project manager, where he also learned the importance of thorough and direct communication when advising others. 

Patrick believes the key elements to a successful client-advisor relationship is by active listening and communicating in their terms – whether it involves detailed numbers or keeping it simple.  Patrick is determined to help carry on his father’s legacy that was built over 40 years by serving his clients with integrity, commitment, and the heart of a teacher.

Away from work Patrick loves spending time with his wife, Erin, and his 3 children (Adalynn, Hudson, and Isla), as well as his personal hobbies – running, golfing, playing basketball, and coaching his kids’ sports teams.  He and his family are also involved as members of their local church.

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