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2022 Summer Magazine

2022 Summer Magazine

June 23, 2022

Each quarter, our organization collaborates with one of our content partners to produce a quarterly magazine called Wealth Today. Each edition has a little bit different flavor according to the season. We will cover all kind of topics - from personal finance myths to tips for shopping online and just about everything in between.

We have these complimentary magazines available on location at our Bellefontaine office for anyone who wants to stop by and pick one up. Feel free to pop upstairs and ask for one at our front desk. Or, if you're in a hurry, we always have some available in the downstairs lobby for you to grab. Of course, we serve clients all over the country, so for those folks not near our Bellefontaine office, we decided to give this week's blog post a little different spin.

We hope you will enjoy "flipping" through the publication this week for Summer 2022's edition of Wealth Today. In this edition, we discuss some of the common retirement myths out there that may be outdated or need to be reexamined. Additionally, if you've never heard of an accessory dwelling unit, there's a very informative article about how you may be able to help provide for an aging family member or even make a little bit of extra income by utilizing your current property. Lastly, there are some delicious recipes for kid-friendly summer cocktails that the whole family can enjoy and information on how to build your very own smart gym.

If you're on your desktop, make sure you click the "fullscreen" in the bottom right corner for a better viewing experience. If you're on your phone or tablet, you can click here for a full screen version. Thanks for reading!